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Riders Of Termná'c: Chapter 1: Sartheya

Riders Of Termná'c

Chapter 1: Sartheya

Narrated by: Omniscient

By Nadia Aisha

Mundee 1-1-3000 (New Years Dee) Time: 03:00:01 a.m. (ante meridiem - Latin)

My name is Sartheya... Typical start to a dee'rey entry...
J'ihn gave me this dee'rey for Winter Und...
Me, J'ihn, Cissie, Finlo an' Puzu stayed up to watch the celebratory gun-shots for New Years Dee...
Everyone did...
Everyone except the dead bodies in there graves...
Now stop being so grim Sartheya!
But then again war is grim...
Hopefully (very hopefully) happiness will come with the new century...

Sartheya tucks her dee'ray away and try to fall asleep, she could feel the hard ground underneath her sleeping-bag and can hear Finlo and Cissies alternate snoring.
The last time she slept out in the open was on a camping trip with her parents, before the war
But now she was the second in command for War Sector 3 and life was... different.

2hrs later:


Sartheya longed to roll over and fall back asleep, but she was second in command so, she had to set a good example.
She got up and started melding into the early din.
Her and her best friends; J'ihn, Puzu, Cissie and Finlo, all slept in a tight huddle to ward of the cold and just so that friends could be near each other.
Other huddles like this were dotted around War Sector 3 (WS3).
Puzu was currently trying to wake up his sister, Cissie, who was a rather heavy sleeper.

She looked at her wrist-clock it showed 5:03:02.
Typical, thought Sartheya, 2hrs sleep, to Sartheya it felt like 2 minutes.

"I'm gonna wake the others" Sartheya said gesturing to the other groups near them in WS3.
The others nodded in reply.

She went round tapping on shoulders and slapping in faces with the call of:

Sartheya and the others went and joined the queue for the measly broth and hunk of stale bread the people of Termná'c had to cope with.

Suddenly there was a cry of "Dragon Lord Approaching! Repeat: Dragon Lord Approaching! REAPEAT: DRAGON LORD APPROACHING!"

End Of Chapter 1!

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The Dreaded M!

Kits and Cats: Chapter One: An Introduction

Kits and Cats
Chapter One: An Introduction.

Nightstream raced over boggy grounds and sinky masses, her paws pounded on soft ground,
Almost there” She thought, her heart pounding.
The city cats chasing her laughed at her failed attempts to shake them of her trail.
“Black cat, bad luck!” The jeered following her over moors of northen Scotland.
From as long as she could remember, cats from the city had ignored her or bullied her because of her families almost pure black fur.
She ignored them when she could but when they bullied her, they bullied her in large groups: she had to run.

Nightstream felt the grounds surface change, it was harder now with a few twigs lying around the thin trees that had started to appear; she was home in her forest now.
She gripped the hare she was holding in her mouth tighter and raced up a tree.
The cats catching up stumbled around the tree, trying to climb but their city paws making them falter and fall.
They turned around heading back home; leaving Nightstream alone.
She turned around walking slowly over a branch, then jumped for the branch into the tree beside it, thus she made her way into the heart of the woods.

When she landed in a huge oak tree she walked through the branches to the middle, where it was hollow, jumping down she landed gracefully on ground in the middle of the hollow tree.
There six cats lay, five with fur darker than the night sky.
Three bounced up as soon as Nightstream landed, then the other three older ones woke up but none of them made a move to get up.

“I just caught this hare, I’ve got a few other things buried outside”, Nightstream said.

“Darkshine, go with Nightstream to collect the rest of the food”, the oldest of the cats, a queen- this does not mean she is pregnant, a ruler or a mother nursing recently born kits, she is just a female cat- said.

Nightstream and Darkshine scrambled up the inside of the tree and went to collect the food.

Now just to let you know; the old queens name’s Littleforest (because of her bright green eyes). The female of the other two old ones name’s Bluelight (Blue eyes, very light) she is Littleforests daughter and Nightstream and Darkshine are her second litter, the other two Morgan and Midnight are her oldest.
The third and youngest of the older cat’s name’s Minke (Min-KEE), he used to be a pet and when he wandered off from his horrible owners he kept the name the humans at the pet-shop had called him.
He is Bluelights mate and father of the four younger cats.

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What My Bog Is About

My name is Maja and this blog is basically short stories I make up on the spot or, long stories I post chapter by chapter.
While you read my stories please keep in mind that I am only ten years old. (Now eleven, I was born in 2003 so... yah!)
Even if I'm doing really short stories I'll probably post them in chapter\part by chapter\part.

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